Max Growth

Episode 32: Rjon Robbins

In Episode 32, Seth and Jay discuss the mindset a lawyer must take when planning for conscious growth with Rjon Robbins, founder and law practice coach from How To Manage a Small Law Firm.Rjon explains the difficulty that lawyers commonly face when trying to market their law firms and the importance of realizing that the practice of law is a profession AND a business. Rjon’s number one piece of advice for lawyers looking to expand their firms? Write down your definition of what a successful law firm is. Financial, personal, professional factors are key in determining success. Rjon explains that by properly planning for conscious growth, you, as a business owner, get to wind up doing only the things you love doing in your business.Sponsors:BluSharkDigital​ - SEO for Law FirmsPriceBenowitz​ DC, MD, VA LawyersFirmFlex - Social Media Marketing System for LawyersRuane Attorneys​ - Connecticut Criminal and Civil Rights LawyersMaximumLawyer https://www.maximumlawyer.comFor more MGL content, follow our page! more helpful tips on legal SEO, check out BluShark’s other channels:FACEBOOK: